Pharmacy Compounding

Perfecting the Art of Medication Dosage Forms, Strength & Flexibility

Pharmacy compounding can fulfill a spectrum of needs for patients and healthcare providers throughout the medical field. A child may need a smaller dosage of a specific medication or a medication may need to be converted into a new form for easier administration. No matter how unique, Raintree Apothecary has the education, experience, expertise and technology to handle your pharmacy compounding and customized medication needs, while maximizing therapeutic outcomes.

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What Our Pharmacy Compounding Team Has to Offer:

  • Unique dosage forms that contain the ideal dose of medication for a specific patient
  • Medications in dosage forms that are not commercially or readily available, but are more suitable for the patient, such as transdermal gels or chewable “gummies.”
  • Prescriptions free of additives and inactive ingredients, like dyes, sugar or alcohol.
  • The combination of compatible medications into a single dose for easier administration and improved prescription compliance.
  • Medications that are not commercially available or have been discontinued for reasons unrelated to safety.

Our Dedication to Accuracy & Consistency When Handling Medications

Preparation all medications require accountability and the highest level of quality. Each prescription that is handled at our pharmacy is compounded by professional technicians and/or dedicated pharmacists for the utmost precision and consistency.

Raintree Apothecary continues to utilize the latest knowledge and equipment, while adhering to the regulations and standards as part of our commitment to every patient.

The Areas of Medicine We Proudly Serve:

Don’t see your area of expertise listed above? Not a problem. Contact us today and see how we can utilize our pharmacy compounding expertise to best serve your needs

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