The Pharmacy Near You, Dedicated to Quality & Safety

Customer service is our commitment. At Raintree Apothecary we realize that we cannot exist without our customers. We strive to make sure you have the best possible local retail pharmacy experience.

Fast, quality service

We understand that your prescription is important, and we will always strive to deliver fast service while ensuring the safety and quality of your prescription.

Insurance billing

We will bill your insurance and call your insurance company if needed.

Cost effective

We can help you find the most cost-effective therapy for your individual requirements.

Personal Touch

Our staff strives to get to know each patient personally to best serve their needs.

Over the counter medications

Our skilled pharmacists can help you choose the right over the counter medication to ensure that it will not interact or duplicate your current prescription therapy.

Patient counseling

Our pharmacists are highly trained with over 50 years combined experience in the field of pharmacy and will always help you understand how to use your prescription.

Medication management

Our friendly staff embraces each patient as unique and will be your resource to navigating your prescription therapy.

One on one counseling

We will discuss options with you and deliver a comprehensive solution for your prescription problems.


We can help you choose the right supplement to complement your therapy to achieve maximum wellness.


We will contact your doctor for refills when needed.